Whispering a Loud Scream… the voice of one who has been bullied.


A person who has endured bullying is one that feels that they are voiceless and can not be heard.  I made a personal vow to do my part in raising awareness, bring this issue to the forefront.  When you have children and teens taking there life over someone teasing them for one reason or another…. And then not only them…but rally to get others on board to join in with them it hurts!  Below you will find a true story of a survivor of bullying.  Her name is left anonymous.

I was just about eight years old I got taken from my Mom and Dad and I got placed in foster care.   It took my Mom about two years to get me back and from then 2002 my Mom told me that we have to move to Virginia I really didn’t like the fact that I would have to leave my friends but I said okay that’ll be fine.

So I started school and CMS and I really didn’t fit in there they told me I was the oddball, but it’s okay I just smiled and laughed at them but then one day it all changed – I got this new haircut and then things started happening to me that I really didn’t understand.

I never really got bullied until I got my haircut and then from there on out it was when push came to shove I was bullied day in and day out even I couldn’t go anywhere without somebody saying “Hey you you’re stupid!”  “You’re ugly!  “Why don’t you just die!” “Whyy don’t you just go kill yourself”!

At times I really do think about suicide nobody asked me if I was okay I always keep a smile on my face I was always so depressed but nobody knew and then high school I got a little bit worse worse I mean really worse!  I couldn’t go to school because it was so bad and not only did I get beat up but a couple days before I did and they warned me that if I was to go to the bathroom alone that they would find me.

Well One at lunch I had totally forgotten what they said but I use the bathroom alone next thing I know I seen 12 girls in the bathroom kind of scary they said all I’m going to hurt you! I’m going to hurt you!  Well the only thing that I knew what to do is just shut up and take it well one girl was holding my feet and the other was holding my hands.

I know this might sound sad or scary but at this moment I really didn’t know what to do I had a water bottle in my hoodie pocket I tried to kick and scream teachers even came into the bathroom they didn’t do nothing to stop it they’d let the fight go on and then my head ended up in the bricks of my high school lunchroom from there on I have been living my life scared of people i’m scared of being hurt and I’m scared to be alone.

We have to take a stand and be the voice for our kids against bullying!!  This young lady who now is married and has children still has flashbacks of those awful days! But thank God she survived and is now on the road to healing and recovery!  Talk to your children make sure they are not suffering silently at school or anywhere else!

About gracefully emerging

I owe all I am to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! He is my everything! I am blessed to be a wife, mother, grandmother. I have experienced hope, heartache, seen success, and survived various life's difficulties! I honor my late parents and for all they instilled in me. I am yet gracefully emerging!

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